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Paul Ferguson

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A colleague and I are baffled by a passage in the Fama Fraternitatis which runs:

In German:
"jede Seiten aber sein in zehen gevierdte spacia abgetheilet/jede mit seinem Figuren und Sententien, wie die allhier in unserm Büchlein Concentratum, auffs fleissigste unnd trewlichste abgerissen/beleget".

My translation: "Each side however was divided into ten squares, each with its images and phrases, as here set forth, most diligently and most accurately extracted, in our little book in concentrated form[?]"

Vaughan's translation from the Latin reads:
"but every side or wall is parted into ten squares, every one with their several figures and sentences, as they are truly shewed, and set forth Concentratum [in concentrated form?] here in our book"

Dutch translation of 1615 says:
"Van de zÿden zÿn elck in thien vierkante spacia ofte ruymten afghedeelt/yeder met hare figueren ende spreuchen/ghelÿck die alhier in ons gheconcentreerde boeerken op't vlÿtichste en getrouwelÿckste afgheveerdight/bedeckt zÿn."
"Each of the sides is divided into ten square spaces or areas each with its images and phrases just as are here set forth, most diligently and accurately extracted, in our concentrated book."

Now our question is, where are these images/phrases to be found? Was Vaughan mistranslating the word Concentratum? Is that a book?

Adam? Rafał?



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